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sugar camps

8923 W 700 S

Brent's Maple Syrup

8923 W 700 S, Hudson, IN 46747

We are a fourth-generation sugar camp producing maple syrup on my grandparent's farm. We use a modern tubing collection system along with a professional boiling evaporator. This, along with our bottling and filtering system are made of food-grade stainless steel. While we keep our equipment up to-date and very sanitary. We keep the ambiance of maple syrup by boiling traditionally without reverse osmosis and a century old building. Please contact us for syrup sales or visits.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

70 E 1100 S.

Dave & Peggy's Sugar Shack

70 E. 1100 S. Pendleton, IN 46064

A sugar bush with around 100 taps.  The syrup is sold onsite, but occasionally a farmer's markets.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

322 South State Rd. 129

Fallen Timbers Maple Syrup

322 South State Rd. 129 Milan, IN 47031

Fallen Timbers Maple Syrup is based in the building where sweet sorghum is processed.  The owner has been processing sorghum for his entire live.  He is a fourth generation sorghum mill.  He uses his sorghum pan and copper evaporator to process maple syrup in.  He started making maple syrup when he retired and has been making it for five years.

Fallen Timbers started out with 50 taps, 100 bags and 50 buckets to 450 taps in 288 red maple trees.  The syrup is sold onsite, at 2 farmers markets, tractor shows and in various commerical outlets.

Our maple season starts in late January and typically ends mid-March.  Visitors are welcome, but may want to call ahead to see what is on the schedule.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Other

2801 E Shockley Rd

Firm Root Farms

Firm Root Farm is a 500+ tap sugarbush located just 10 minutes south of Muncie. You can find us Saturdays at the Minnetrista Farmers Market in Muncie or contact us directly to arrange a time to pick up maple syrup from the farm. Learn more about our farm on our website or follow us on facebook and instagram to keep up with the latest farm events.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Other

999 E Co Rd. 325 N.

Harris Sugar Bush

999 E. Co. Rd. 325 N Greencasatle, IN 46135-8025

We have about 7500 taps.  We use tubing and vacuum with on RO in our production.  We do offer tours.  We have a small store on-site offering maple products and many other items.  We offer wholesale for small businesses.  We make maple candy, maple cream, and maple sugar.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Other

237 1st Rd

J & A Farms

237 1st Rd Nappanee, IN 46550

J & A Farm’s is a 2300 hundred tap, 60-acre Sugarbush. With approximately 18 miles of tubing on high and low vacuum connecting all the trees and depositing the sap into one location. It is then pumped from the woods to the Sugarhouse where we can store up to 8500 gallons as it awaits a pass through the Reverse Osmosis system. This removes up to 70% of the water, concentrating the sap before it goes into the fuel fired 4’ x 15’ Evaporator. Here it is boiled down into that “oh so good” Maple Syrup we all love.

Currently as well as various sizes of bottled Maple Syrup and other Maple products we have BULK Syrup for sale.

55-gallon Barrels sold by the pound.

#10- 622 pounds 

#11- 615 pounds 

#12- 627 pounds 

#13- 630 pounds

 #14- 600 pounds

Call Joe at:  574-354-8491 for pricing and availability

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

7557 W 150 S

Maple Creations

7557 W 150 S Coatesville, IN 46121

We have been producing quality maple syrup for over 20 years in Hendricks County, expanding from 25 taps to our current production of several varieties of infused maple syrup.

We have various sizes of regular maple syrup available for sale, along with our cinnamon, coffee, and vanilla-infused and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup.

Contact Doug or Michael for more information about purchasing syrup.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup, Coffee Infused Maple Syrup, Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup

3737 N Philomath Rd

Maplewood Farms LLC

3737 N Philomath Rd Brownsville, IN 47325

Welcome to Maplewood Farms! We’re excited to serve you from our family forest in Brownsville, Indiana.

If you’ve never tasted Pure Indiana Maple Syrup, you’re in for a treat! At the beginning of the 1900s, Indiana was the top state in the US for maple production. We’re proud to continue the tradition of providing healthy, delicious syrup from our trees.

We look forward to seeing you at a local farmer’s market, or you can order anytime here on the website. We deliver to many locations around Indiana and ship anywhere in the US.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Maple Candies, Non-Alcoholic Maple Beverages

68862 CR11

Outback Sugar Shack

68862 CR11, Nappanee, IN 46550

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

6025 N CR 100E

Rutherford Sugar Camp

6025 N CR 100E New Castle, IN 47362

The Rutherford Sugar Camp has been producing pure maple syrup since 1911. We tap 3,000 sugar and black maples, use modern evaporating equipment, and the latest technology to produce pure maple syrup.

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup, Maple Candies, Sauces & Dressing

1748 E. 1100 S.

Sugar Maple Farm

1748 E. 1100 S., Markleville, IN 46056

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

15203 Ott Rd.

Tree Hugger Maple Sugar, LLC

15203 Ott Rd., Laurel, IN 47024

Products Sold:

Maple Syrup

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