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About Indiana Maple Syrup Association (Imsa)

The Indiana Maple Syrup Association is an organization of about 170 Hoosier maple syrup producers who make this natural product available for all to enjoy.


Our newsletter, The Tapline, is published quarterly. It provides news and information for maple syrup producers, hobbyists, and those interested in the maple industry in Indiana.

Our annual meeting is held the first Saturday in December. Members hold their annual business meeting where members to the IMSA Board of Directors are elected. The day includes special speakers and displays of maple syrup equipment and supplies provided by vendors in the region. 

The Indiana Maple Syrup Association represents Hoosier producers through membership in the North American Maple Syrup Council.

We welcome Hoosier maple syrup producers and those interested in maple syrup in Indiana to become members of the Indiana Maple Syrup Association.

The IMSA Board of Directors is comprised of twelve representatives from across the state: three from the northern district; three from the central district; three from the southern district; and three at large directors from various parts of the state. Directors are elected for three-year terms at the IMSA's annual meeting held the first Saturday of December. The Board then elects the officers (president, vice president, etc.) for the association. 

An IMSA Members Only page has been set up to allow for networking among members, sharing of the annual meeting minutes and providing the bylaws for the organization. Please sign up here. You will be allowed into the page once the web administrators verify you are an IMSA member.

Imsa Objectives Include  

1. To encourage improved sugar bush management and to educate the public on the use and production of maple syrup in Indiana.

2. To promote and encourage the development of the maple syrup industry through more efficient methods of production and marketing.

3. To perfect an organization which can speak with authority and reliability in the interests of the maple syrup producers in Indiana.

4.To represent the state of Indiana in any national or regional organizations designed to improve the maple industry.

5. To work for the enactment of legislation which will protect and enhance the maple industry in Indiana.

6. To develop and establish a label for the use of our members and to promulgate rules and regulations governing its use.

7. To advertise the association label and the production of maple products in Indiana.

8. To cooperate with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indiana Experiment Station, the Extension Service, the State Department of Agriculture, and other state organizations in developing a progressive program for the maple syrup and maple products industry in Indiana.

Dan Winger (2024, Central)


Vice President

Rick Bollinger (2025, North)  


Brent Tubbs (North)


Mike Smith (2026, South)


Garry Sink

Director Emeritus

North Region

mike czaJkowski (2026)

Rick Bollinger (2025)  

Scott Craft (2025)

Central Region

David Hinchman (2026)

andy hochstedler (2025)

Dan Winger (2024)

South Region

Mike Smith (2026)

State At-Large

Rebecca Harris (2024)

levi mast (2026)

Jon Elrod  (2025)

Jr. slabaugh (2024)

John Smith (2025)  

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