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Maple Products Impacting Local Economies 

Local maple syrup production is an important component of the local economy. Maple syrup producers sell at farmers’ markets and roadside stands as well as to restaurants and local grocery stores.

Shopping local keeps more money in the local community.


A study conducted in Western Michigan found that 68% of money spent at local businesses stays in the community, versus only 43% of money spent at non-local businesses. Local businesses are more likely to utilize locally based services, buy supplies from local producers, and make charitable investments in the community. 



There are more than 100 maple syrup producers in the state of Indiana. Many produce value-added products such as maple cream, candy, sugar, cotton candy, sauces and beverages. This burgeoning enterprise is helping to support the maple syrup producer by creating additional value to our state’s forested areas.  Purchasing directly from local maple sugar producers supports small and medium size landowners who live in the community and contribute to the local economy. A recent survey of US consumers has shown that the maple industry has an impact on local and national economies, creating jobs, and improving our rural communities. 


Inside a Maple Syrup Store

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