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Fallen Timbers Maple Syrup

Fallen Timbers Maple Syrup is based in the building where sweet sorghum is processed.  The owner has been processing sorghum for his entire live.  He is a fourth generation sorghum mill.  He uses his sorghum pan and copper evaporator to process maple syrup in.  He started making maple syrup when he retired and has been making it for five years.

Fallen Timbers started out with 50 taps, 100 bags and 50 buckets to 450 taps in 288 red maple trees.  The syrup is sold onsite, at 2 farmers markets, tractor shows and in various commerical outlets.

Our maple season starts in late January and typically ends mid-March.  Visitors are welcome, but may want to call ahead to see what is on the schedule.

Fallen Timbers Maple Syrup

Larry Barlow

322 South State Rd. 129 Milan, IN 47031


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