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Fairgoers Visit IMSA Sugar Shack

Fairgoers learn about maple syrup making in Indiana, and purchse maple syrup, sugar and maple cream


IMSA director Bill Owen (left) explains operation of the evaporator to a fair visitor. A number of fairgoers shared their remberences of neighborhood sugaring from their childhood.

The Indiana Maple Syrup Association’s Sugar Shack, located in Pioneer Village on the Indiana State Fairgrounds was a popular spot for those attending the 2007 fair held August 8 - 19.

“This is a great way for Hoosiers to learn about maple syrup making in Indiana, and many visitors purchase their supply of maple syrup, sugar and maple cream at the sugar shack,” commented Garry Sink, President of the state-wide association of maple syrup producers.

The sugar shack is the organization’s major fundraiser, and funds are used to bring speakers and maple experts to the association’s annual meeting held each year on the first Saturday of December.

IMSA members Kim Owen and Ron Burnett (left) visit with folks who stopped by the sugar shack. Many will purchase their year's supply of syrup and maple cream.

Association members will be on hand each day to greet visitors, answer questions, and introduce Hoosiers to this fine natural product.








Visitors have a chance to taste pure maple syrup- some for the very first time- as they visit the IMSA's Sugar Shack in Pioneer Village. Carol Burnett (left) was one of some 20 IMSA members who helped with this year's event.