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Canning Day 2006


Thank you, IMSA volunteers!!


  Twenty members and their friends gathered at the Harris Sugar House near Greencastle for the IMSA's annual canning day, held Saturday, May 20, 2006.
Louise, Nancy and Kim get things underway.  

Florence looks after the labeling and quality control.

About 400 gallons of syrup was processed thanks to the energetic and skillful help of our volunteers.

Phil and Ned take their turn at the bottling station.  
  John (right) explains his take on the situation to Art
Sandy firmly caps the jug as Kim fills another one.  
  Pam and Roy lend their faithful help.

Steve brings a case of jugs ready for the fair.

Purpose of the event was to prepare the syrup to be sold at the Indiana Maple Syrup Association’s sugarhouse at the 2006 Indiana State Fair.

  Jack is determined not to spill a drop!!
Larry and Don check the temperature of the syrup.  
  Rebecca was a great hostess for the day.
The board of directors met to care for the affairs of the Indiana Maple Syrup Association.